Andrew Garrard

Research Interests

The Palaeolithic and Neolithic of Western Asia: especially the adaptations of Neanderthal and early modern human societies, late Pleistocene hunter-gatherers, the beginnings of agriculture and pastoralism, and the emergence of early village societies. General interests in the reconstruction of past environments, subsistence and site formation processes.

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Current Research Projects

  • The Qadisha Valley Project (Lebanon). A survey and excavation project being co-directed by Corine Yazbeck (Lebanese University) which is focussing on Palaeolithic and Neolithic settlement in the forested mountain environments of the Qadisha Valley in northern Lebanon. A major element has been the excavation of two caves with Early Epipalaeolithic through to Late Neolithic levels (22,000–7,500 cal BP) at Moghr el-Ahwal. Collaborators include: Gassia Artin (Paris), Martin Bates (Lampeter), Yvonne Edwards (UCL, London) and Katherine Wright (UCL, London).
  • The Azraq Basin Project (Jordan). Currently preparing a multi-volume report on a large-scale survey and excavation project undertaken in the steppe and oasis environments of the Azraq Basin in eastern Jordan. This focussed on late Upper Palaeolithic, Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic settlement in the region (30,000-7,500 cal BP). In collaboration with: Douglas Baird (Liverpool), Brian Byrd (Davis, CA), Louise Martin (UCL, London), Christopher Hunt (Belfast), Susan Colledge (UCL, London) and Katherine Wright (UCL, London).
  • Neolithic Stone Bead Production and Exchange (Jordan). An investigation of stone bead production and exchange from Neolithic workshops found in the Azraq Basin in eastern Jordan. In collaboration with: Katherine Wright (UCL, London).

Educational Background

  • PhD in Archaeology (Cambridge 1981)Thesis concerned with Palaeolithic food procurement strategies in the Levant.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Prehistoric Archaeology (Cambridge 1972)
  • BSc Zoology and Geology (Newcastle 1971)

Previous Posts

  • Director of British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History (1983-89)
  • Garrard A. & Yazbeck C. (in press) The Natufian of Moghr el Ahwal in the Qadisha Valley, northern Lebanon. In O. Bar-Yosef & F. Valla (eds.) The Natufian Culture in the Levant II. Ann Arbor: International Monographs in Prehistory.

  • Garrard A. & Byrd B (Nov. 2013) Beyond the Fertile Crescent: Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic Communities of the Jordanian Steppe. The Azraq Basin Project, Volume 1: Project Background and the Late Palaeolithic (Geological Context and Technology). Levant Supplementary Series 13, Oxford: Oxbow Books. ISBN 978-1-84217-833-1

  • Martin L., Edwards Y. & Garrard A. (2013) Broad spectrum or specialized activity? Birds and tortoises at the Epipalaeolithic site of Wadi Jilat 22 in the eastern Jordanian steppe. Antiquity 87: 649-665.
  • Richter T., Maher L., Garrard, A., Edinborough K., Jones M. & Stock J. (2013) Epipalaeolithic settlement dynamics in southwest Asia: New radiocarbon evidence from the Azraq Basin. Journal of Quaternary Science 28: 467-479.

  • Betts A., Cooke L., Garrard A., McCartney C. & Reese D. (2013) Late Neolithic sites in the Harra. In A. Betts, D. Cropper, L. Martin & C. McCartney (eds.) The Later Prehistory of the Badia. Excavations and Surveys in Eastern Jordan. Levant Supplementary Series 11, Oxford, Oxbow: 13-51.

  • Richter T., Garrard A., Allcock S. & Maher L. (2011) Interaction before agriculture: exchanging material and sharing knowledge in the Final Pleistocene Levant. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 21 (1): 95-114.

  • Martin L., Edwards Y. & Garrard A. (2010) Hunting practices at an eastern Jordanian Epipalaeolithic aggregation site: the case of Kharaneh IV. Levant 42 (2): 107-135.

  • Garrard A. & Yazbeck C. (2008) Qadisha Valley Prehistory Project, Lebanon. The 2004-2008 Excavations at Moghr el-Ahwal. Bulletin d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Libanaises 12: 5-15.

  • Wright K.I., Critchley P. & Garrard A. (2008) Stone bead technologies and early craft specialization. Insights from two Neolithic sites in eastern Jordan. Levant 40 (2): 131-165
  • Garrard A. & Yazbeck C. (2004) Qadisha Valley Prehistory Project, Northern Lebanon: Results of 2003 survey season. Bulletin d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Libanaises 8: 5-46.
  • Garrard A., Conolly J., McNabb J. & Moloney N. (2004) Palaeolithic-Neolithic survey in the Sakçagözü region of the north Levantine Rift Valley. In O. Aurenche, M. Le Mière & P. Sanlaville (eds.) From the River to the Sea. The Palaeolithic and the Neolithic on the Euphrates and in the Northern Levant. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports S1263: 145-164.
  • Garrard A., Pirie A., Schroeder B., Wasse A. (2003) Survey of Nachcharini Cave and prehistoric settlement in the northern Anti-Lebanon Highlands. Bulletin d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Libanaises 7: 15-48.
  • Wright K. & Garrard A. (2003) Social identities and the expansion of stone bead-making in Neolithic western Asia: new evidence from Jordan. Antiquity 77: 267-284.
  • Garrard A. (1999) Charting the emergence of cereal and pulse domestication in South-West Asia. Environmental Archaeology 4: 67-86.
  • Horwitz L., Tchernov E., Ducos P., Becker C., von den Driesch A., Martin L., Garrard A. (1999) Animal domestication in the southern Levant. Paléorient 25/2: 63-80.
  • Garrard A. (1998) Food procurement by Middle Palaeolithic hominids at Ras el-Kelb Cave in Lebanon. In L. Copeland & N. Moloney (eds.) The Mousterian Site of Ras el-Kelb, Lebanon. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports S706: 45-65.
  • Garrard A. (1998) Environment and cultural adaptations in the Azraq Basin, 24-7,000 B.P. In D. Henry (ed.) The Prehistoric Archaeology of Jordan. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports S705: 139-148.
  • Garrard A., Colledge S. and Martin L. (1996) The emergence of crop cultivation and caprine herding in the "marginal zone" of the southern Levant. In D. Harris (ed.) The origins and spread of agriculture and pastoralism in Eurasia. London, University College: 204-226.
  • Garrard A., Conolly J., Moloney N. and Wright K. (1996) The early prehistory of the Sakçagözü region, north Levantine Rift Valley: report on the 1995 survey season. Anatolian Studies 46: 53-81.
  • Garrard A., Baird D. & Byrd B. (1994) The chronological basis and significance of the Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic sequence in the Azraq Basin, Jordan. In O. Bar-Yosef and R. Kra (eds.) Late Quaternary Chronology and Paleoclimates of the Eastern Mediterranean. Tuscon, Radiocarbon: 177-199.
  • Garrard A., Baird D., Colledge S., Martin L. & Wright K. (1994) Prehistoric environment and settlement in the Azraq Basin: an interim report on the 1987 and 1988 excavation seasons. Levant 26: 73-109.
  • Baird D, Garrard A, Martin L, Wright K. (1992) Prehistoric environment and settlement in the Azraq Basin: an interim report on the 1989 excavation season. Levant 24: 1-31.
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I would welcome PhD applications in the subject areas listed under my Research Interests on my Profile page

Current students

  • Lesley Blundell Early human landscape use in north west Europe (principal supervisor Matt Pope)
  • Mariana Nabais Neanderthal small prey consumption in central Portugal (principal supervisor Louise Martin)
  • Fabio Silva Modelling anatomically modern human dispersals by fitting analytical and numerical predictions to the archaeological and fossil records (principal supervisor James Steele)
  • Anna Spyrou Animal procurement and processing in the Epipalaeolithic of the Southern Levant: Zooarchaeological and ethnographic implications for storage and social organization (principal supervisor Louise Martin)

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