Human Evolution @ UCL




core postgraduate courses

Courses that cover a broad base of topics that are fundamental to the field of human evolution.

Title Code Tutor/Coordinator
Human Behavioural Ecology ANTHGH14 Dr Andrea Migliano
Advanced Human Evolution ANTHGH02 Dr Kit Opie
Primate Evolution ANTHGH17 Dr Christophe Soligo
Morphology and palaeopathology of the human skeleton ARCLG143 Tony Waldron
Variation and evolution of the human skull  ARCLG144 Simon Hillson
Themes in Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology ARCLG179 Andrew Garrard
Evolution of Palaeolithic and Neolithic Societies in the Near East ARCLG181 Andrew Garrard
Evolution of the Human Brain and Behaviour  ARCLG183 James Steele
World Rock Art: Palaeolithic to Present ARCLG229 Didier Bouakaze-Khan
Archaeology of Early Human Origins ARCLG271 Matt Pope
Palaeoclimate  GEOGGQ07