Documentary from Dr Mark Ravinder Frost to premiere at Singapore International Film Festival

27 October 2021

Huge congratulations to Dr Mark Ravinder Frost, whose documentary Scene Unseen, has been invited to world premiere at the Singapore International Film Festival! 

Scene UnSeen

Scene Unseen, which Dr Frost previously presented on at the UCL History seminar a year ago, is a documentary about Singapore’s underground music scene, which opens a rare window into a slice of Singapore that has largely eluded the public eye. The film was a project begun by one of Singapore’s most revered local musicians and filmmakers Abdul Nizam, who died during the preliminary filming. Dr Frost co-devised the film with his collaborator in Singapore, Michel Cayla. The film was produced by Panuksmi Hardjowirogo

Scene UnSeen

Funding to support the project was awarded by the Dean’s Strategic Fund and other UCL sources.    

The Singapore International Film Festival guide details and trailer can be found here: https://sgiff.com/films/scene-unseen/

Scene UnSeen

The film will screen at the major international arts venue in Singapore, The Esplanade, which typically has a capacity of 1800, but for this socially distanced event will accommodate an audience of 600 members. Dr Frost is hoping to take part in the Q&A which follows, and then after that two of the bands featured in the film will perform live.

Scene UnSeen