"The Routledge History of Medieval Magic" - Co-edited by UCL History's Dr Sophie Page

3 April 2019

We are delighted to announce that last month "The Routledge History of Medieval Magic" - which is co-edited by UCL History's Dr. Sophie Page - was published.

The Routledge History of Medieval Magic, edited by Sophie Page and Catherine Rider.

The Routledge History of Medieval Magic brings together the work of scholars from across Europe and North America to provide extensive insights into recent developments in the study of medieval magic between c.1100 and c.1500.

The book includes contributions from a wide variety of leading scholars, and takes an interdisciplinary approach with chapters covering visual culture, music, literature and archeology, as well as texts and manuscripts. The book has also taken care to consider how research in this area could develop in the future. The book identifies topics which are yet to be thoroughly explored, highlights unpublished source materials and suggests new approaches to the topic as a whole.

For full details about this book, please see the Routledge website here.