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Prof Neill Lochery

portrait fo Neill Lochery
Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies


Tel: 020 7679 3028


Professor Lochery has a PhD from Durham University, with a thesis that focused on the party systems in Israeli politics. He is the Catherine Lewis Professor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies within the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies. 

Professor Lochery's current courses cover the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Anglo-Israeli Relations. He additionally supervises a number of PhD students who are working on a diverse number of topics. His own research focuses on Israeli politics, the Middle East Peace Process, and wider conflict studies. Recent research projects have centered upon Anglo-Israeli relations, Israeli electoral politics, Israel's Second Lebanon War and a comparative study of the peace processes of Northern Ireland and the Middle East. Additional research includes a major project focusing on the Jewish Refugees in Lisbon during WWII and the efforts of Zionist groups to assist their passage out of Europe to Palestine, and an research piece on Brazil’s neutrality in WWII.

Professor Lochery often gives public lectures and academic talks. He is a frequent contributor to the international media and regularly appears on television in the UK, Europe and US.


Early research by Professor Lochery primarily focused on Israeli politics, the Middle East Peace Process and conflict studies. Over time, he has broadened his research to additionally encompass the political and economic issues facing Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East.

His research projects include:

  • Brazil 1930-1950 and the World War II era

Portugal and the Estado Novo – 1933-1974

  • WWII Neutrality and the Jewish refugees

  • The Foreign Office and Israel: Anglo-Israeli Relations 1948-Present

  • No Longer Dominant, Playing for Second: the Israeli Labour Party in the 2006 Election

  • The Politics and Economics of Israeli Disengagement from the West Bank and Gaza Strip

  • The Role of the Soviet Aliyah in Shaping Israeli Policies towards the Middle East Peace Process

Comparative Peacemaking in Northern Ireland and in the Middle East

  • Israel's Security Fence and the Second Lebanon War 

  • The Middle East Peace Process 
Israeli Politics and the Middle East Peace Process

  • The Israeli Party System


Undergraduate and Masters Courses: the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Anglo-Israeli Relations.

Professor Lochery is able to supervise research students in the following areas: 

  • Israeli Politics and History / Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • Anglo-Israeli / European / US Relations and the Middle East

  • Comparative Peace Processes
  • Radical Islam

  • Neutral Powers in WWII / Politics of Refugees in WWII (Iberia & South Amercia)
  • Authoritarian Regimes of Portugal
  • Spain and Brazil in the 20th Century

  • Issues Related to the Mediterranean – Politics, Security and History
  • International Security Studies & Military Industrial Complexes

  • US Relations with the Mediterranean & NATO / History and Politics of NATO
  • The United Nations & the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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