UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Dr Tsila Ratner

Emerata Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature


Tel: 020 7679 4439


Dr. Ratner is a native Israeli, who has lived in London since 1984. She took degrees in Hebrew literature and philosophy at Tel-Aviv University. She served as a lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Literature until her move to England. Since 1984, Dr. Ratner has taught Hebrew literature at both Cambridge University and Leo Baeck College. In 1995 She was appointed Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature in the Department. She recently organised an international conference on modern Hebrew literature, which was hosted by the Institute of Jewish Studies at University College London.

Dr. Ratner has made important contributions to the viability of modern Hebrew as a subject in the secondary school curriculum in the UK. She serves as the Chief Examiner for the Modern Hebrew 'A' Level Examination, and is currently developing its new syllabus. She organises annual workshops on modern Hebrew Literature for teachers and students, which are hosted by the Department.

While at Tel-Aviv University, Dr. Ratner helped edit textbooks devoted to poetry and literary criticism. She has translated a number of American novels into Hebrew, most notably J. Fielding, The Other Woman , and T. Dreiser, Sister Carrie .

Dr. Ratner's research programme is increasingly focused on Women's Studies within the context of modern Israeli literature.

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