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Co-production between patients, the public and professionals is a cornerstone principle of our Policy Research Unit in Reproductive Health, embodying our commitment to inclusivity and transparency in the development and implementation of health policies.

Co-production at the heart of our work

At the Reproductive Health Policy Research Unit, we're not just about making policies; we're about making a difference together. From research to informing policy, every step is taken with a collaborative spirit.

Co-production means we bring everyone to the table: people with lived experiences, researchers, and clinicians. Our Co-production Strategy 2024 which was co-produced outlines our approach to our work.  

We believe that by working together as equals, we can create more impactful and meaningful health policies. We engage with patients, the public, and professionals as equal partners.

Our core research teams are a blend of experts by experience, leading researchers, and clinicians, making decisions together to shape the future of reproductive health.

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Reflecting on our progress

How do we ensure our work is truly co-produced? Regular monitoring and self-reflection are key. We constantly evaluate our progress, adapt our strategies, and learn from our experiences.

This reflective practice helps us stay true to our co-production and equality, diversity, and inclusion principles. We're not afraid to ask ourselves the difficult questions and make changes where necessary to make improvements. 

Get involved

Co-production groups

Our projects and the governance of the Policy Research Unit are built around co-production groups. These teams are integral to our projects and meet regularly to guide our work. We invite you to become a part of this innovative approach. As opportunities arise, they will be listed here. If you're interested in making a real impact, please contact Lois, the Unit Administrator, at l.harvey-pescott@ucl.ac.uk.  

Together, we can shape the future of reproductive health policy.

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The NIHR Policy Research Unit in Reproductive Health is part of the NIHR and hosted by UCL.