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Research Fish

What is Research Fish?

As a clinical academic you need to register with ResearchFish which is a research outcomes and evaluation system for Research Funders, Researchers and Research organisations.

Trainees have to take responsibility for keeping this up to date, since this not only helps in setting goals for development of important skills and experience but can also provide a useful format for demonstrating evidence of your achievement at your annual progress review.

Publishing is an important part of your educational portfolio. It demonstrates academic ability and commitment, and establishes credibility when you are applying for future grant and fellowship funding. Anything that distinguishes your CV is a bonus, including extra qualifications such as MSc or Diplomas. It is definitely worth talking to your supervisor straight after appointment about small projects, such as case reports or data collection/analysis for existing studies, in which you can participate alongside your main project. This will develop your skills, interest, experience and portfolio.

For further details please see the NIHR Managing your Project and the NIHR ResearchFish Guidance

If you are still unsure and need further advice, please contact the NIHR directly at evaluation@nihr.ac.uk

ResearchFish Selp and Support:

Please see the ResearchFish Userguide

You can access support via the helpwiz or by clicking ‘Help and support’ in the Researchfish interface.

NIHR provides further support, please check the FAQ page

If you have any questions or queries regarding the NIHR's use of Researchfish or specific NIHR awards that are not covered by our FAQs you can contact the NIHR evaluation team

If you have forgotten your username or password you can access support via helpwiz

If you have any other problems logging on, or have any questions about the data in your profile, please contact the help desk or UCL Research Team