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Clinical Research Training Fellow Bursary Fund

The ACO is proud to support Clinical Research Training Fellows (CRTFs) at UCL with bursary funds to supplement their training.

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Purpose of the Fund

The ACO has limited funding available until August 2025 to cover certain expenses for clinical research training fellows. Funds will be unavailable past this date and all spend must be completed before the end date.

Application to the ACO Clinical Research Training Fellow Bursary Fund is open to all clinical research training fellows registered within UCL. The Bursary Fund is intended to cover costs for expenses associated with your academic development (e.g. conferences, workshops and research visits including travel, registration and hotel costs). This is not to cover laboratory costs or consumables.

The expectation is that research fellows should normally attend a minimum of one national and one international conference as part of their training whilst at UCL. Given the limited funding available students will not be offered more than two awards during their programme of study. 

Each fellow will be allowed a total budget of up to £1,000, pending application approval. This will normally consist of two awards up to £500 each, but can be spent as necessary for eligible and relevant costs to the fellowship.

If approved, bursary funds will be reimbursed to the fellow after conference costs have been incurred.

Deadlines for 2024

First round of funding applications due by 01 April 2024

IMPORTANT: Please read these regulations carefully before completing the application form.  It is the fellow's responsibility to ensure that applications are submitted by the relevant deadlines.


In order to apply to this Fund you must be:

A research fellow registered for an MPhil/PhD or other research degree within SLMS at UCL. Graduate students not registered for research degrees are not eligible to apply to this Fund.

    General Regulations
    1. No more than two Bursary Fund awards will be made to each applicant during their programme of study;
    2. Fellows on a 3-year programme applying to the Fund in their third year must submit confirmation from their Supervisor that they will complete in four years. Students on a 4-year programme applying to the Fund in their fourth year must submit confirmation from their Supervisor that they will complete in five years;
    3. Bursary funds must be spent before completion of fellowship and before August 2025;
    4. Please note that funding is not guaranteed. Each application is considered on its merits; and there may be occasions when it is not possible to make an award;
    5. Total possible bursary is £1,000 per fellow;
    6. Approved costs will be paid by fellow and reimbursed via expense claim form.
    How to Apply

    Complete the following form and return to Tom Muzyka at t.muzyka@ucl.ac.uk 


    Further details on CRTFs can be found here.