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We are currently recruiting a cadre of international experts to take part in an exercise that will involve using the developed taxonomy to code protocols of published behaviour change interventions. We are inviting experts from a wide range of settings including educational, clinical, organisational, and health psychology, with experience in delivering BCTs and/or expertise in designing behaviour change interventions.

The coding exercise will take place in spring and summer of 2012.  Experts will be trained to use the taxonomy developed during the first phase of the project and asked to identify BCTs in 20 intervention protocols. Each coder will indicate which techniques were used and to rate their confidence that it was used. Coders will be asked to return materials and, one month later experts will be asked to repeat the coding task for the same intervention protocols. We estimate that this exercise will involve each expert in up to 2 days work, for which they will receive an honorarium payment of £35 per hour up to a maximum of £560.

To take part, please complete the expert self-evaluation form by clicking on the link below, or for more information email

Expert self-evaluation form



Susan Michie¹, Marie Johnston¹², Charles Abraham³, Jill Francis², Wendy Hardeman⁴, Martin Eccles⁵

University College London₁, University of Aberdeen₂, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry₃, University of Cambridge₄, Newcastle University