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Win prizes, save carbon & enhance your CV with Reduce the Juice!

8 January 2018


We are recruiting SEALs (Sustainability Engagement & Action Leaders) for Reduce the Juice, our sustainable campaign in halls.

The UCL Sustainability Team are offering an opportunity for students to gain skills in project management, communications and leadership by acting as ambassadors for Reduce the Juice. Could this be you?

Reduce the Juice

Reduce the Juice is a UK-wide sustainability engagement programme. It’s delivered in student accommodation and focuses on three areas: reducing energy consumption, saving water, and increasing recycling. It is run as a two-tier competition: on the University-wide and the UK-wide level.

Students compete in three themed, month-long sprints (energy, water and recycling sprint). Sprint winners get £250 and the hall that wins the overall completion gets £1,500 prize budget.

In 2016-2017 it saved more than 518 tonnes of CO2e!

Responsibilities of SEALs

RtJ SEALs pic

The role of a SEAL is to act as an ambassador for the Reduce the Juice campaign and promote the competition sprints in their halls of residences. Ambassadors will do this by:

  • Sharing Reduce the Juice promotional materials and/or creating their own (e.g. posters & social media posts)
  • Joining the Reduce the Juice team at halls visits
  • Creating and leading fun and engaging sustainability awareness events (e.g. film nights, vegetarian cooking classes or green sports days)
  • Communicating the sustainability issues at their halls to the UCL Sustainability team

Students will also have the option to create and lead their own sustainability projects with support from the Reduce the Juice team. Projects in the past have ranged from increasing vegetarian dishes in catering outlets to setting up allotments.

Benefits for students

  • Experience of working on a national project
  • Insight into effective behaviour change methods
  • Experience of communicating using a variety of different means
  • Experience in delivering events
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Certification on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  • Make friends
  • Chance to win £1,500 for your halls, and help choose what to spend it on
  • Receive a FREE hoodie!


  • This role is flexible, but students are expected to do around 3 hours per week during sprints (1- 28th February 2018) and 1.5 hours outside of those sprints from 18th Jan 2018 - April 2018.
  • 1 hour training session


To become a SEAL simply attend our training session on January 25th, 7-8pm.

Register for Training

To become a SEAL you must be a current UCL student (undergraduate or post-graduate) and be living in one of UCL’s halls.

For further information, please email sustainability@london.ac.uk