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Shape cities and build sustainable communities with Mace

2 February 2018

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Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, founded and built on exceptional people. Find out about their sustainability values, and meet them at the UCL Sustainability Career Fare to seek employment advice.

Mace places sustainability at the heart of what we do. Our vision is to shape cities and build sustainable communities. We always strive to leave behind a positive legacy that outlives our own work. In 2017 we released an industry leading strategy, to go further and become a truly responsible business by 2022.

Being responsible hasn’t always been the priority in our industry… construction has a reputation for being a major contributor to climate change, for being inefficient with raw materials and for causing disruption to communities by focussing on profit rather than people. We face unprecedented challenges from stagnating productivity to skills shortages. Corruption and poor working conditions permeate through some supply chains, with more people in slavery now than at any time in human history.

Our Responsible Business Strategy directly tackles these challenges under the three pillars of; wellbeing and opportunity, quality of environment and resource efficiency. This, coupled with our Innovation Strategy, ensures we continue to be an industry influencer, driving innovation through all levels of the supply chain and clients to become a more efficient, agile and productive organisation.

Our People

The shift towards shared value versus the traditional ‘green’ view of sustainability means there are increased career opportunities across a wider variety of roles. We recognise that our activities must benefit those who use our projects and those who our projects impact upon. We need the right people to collaborate with stakeholders and clients to generate better outcomes for business and society.

We want construction to compete as a desirable career choice, described as the industry that took hold of workforce challenges by actively addressing skills and wellbeing shortfalls and that adopted a robust responsible procurement strategy. By embracing this we can:

  • leave a positive legacy for future generations
  • attract and retaining the best people
  • improve our delivery efficiency and profitability

Careers vital to our approach include project management, multi-disciplinary design, sustainability management, ecology, community engagement and employment skills. These are all roles available within Mace and across the industry.

Working with UCL


Our vision is reflected in our work with UCL. We have embedded our three pillars within the sensitive refurbishment of the Institute of Education and the centre piece of UCL’s £1.2Bn redevelopment programme – the New Student Centre.

49% of the New Student Centre’s cement is comprised of industrial waste products to minimise natural resource consumption. The building will incorporate low carbon technology to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%. Student’s wellbeing has been well considered in the design of its world-class learning spaces. During construction we’ve supported; apprenticeships, charities and local employment, ensuring economic value also produces value for society.

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We encourage you to visit Mace's stand at the UCL Sustainability Careers Fair, 6th Feb, South Cloisters, 12- 3pm to see how you could shape a sustainable future!