UCL Grand Challenges


Benefits of Participation

Through tackling these questions, participants will come away from the workshop with: 

  • A rich and cross-disciplinary appreciation of community-engaged research projects
  • An understanding of the support provided by the university for partnerships between UCL researchers and civil society organisations
  • An understanding of what the Co-Production Collective is and how it can be of value in helping UCL researchers and students conduct community-based research and assist civil society organisations in meeting their objectives
  • The experience of a shared learning exchange exploring challenges, solutions, and best practice in community-engaged research, facilitated by members of the Co-Production Collective community
  • The tools to reflect on their research practice and carve out new approaches for public engagement.
  • Actions that they can take away to develop their practice as collaborative and community-based researchers.
  • A better understanding of how to disrupt traditional research hierarchies by centring communities and their voices in the research process, after having heard from those with lived experiences of public and policy issues
  • Access to a new scholarly network across all research stages, as well as community and institutional contacts.