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Grand Challenges (Un)equal Lives, (Un)equal Outcomes: Visioning the future 2023/24 Awards

16 January 2024

UCL Grand Challenges has recently announced awards from the Grand Challenge of Justice & Equality Special Initiative '(Un)equal Lives, (Un)equal Outcomes: Visioning the future'.

Special Initiative 2023-2024 Logo

Grand Challenges recently awarded funding under the special initiative theme (Un)equal Lives, (Un)equal Outcomes: Visioning the future in academic year 2023/24.

This special initiative supports activities focused upon understanding ‘what works where and why’ to take steps toward more equal futures. It supports solutions-focused projects generating ideas of how to redesign systems and structures ideas, in line with UCL’s tradition of disruptive thinking. In total, over 80 applications were received from all 11 faculties at UCL as well as Professional Services. The judging panel approved funding for 4 applications, with total funding of nearly £40,000 awarded.

Professor Nick Gallent and Professor Louise Archer, Co-Chairs of the Grand Challenge of Justice & Equality Working Group commented: 

The latest GCJE special initiative, '(Un)equal lives, (Un)equal Outcomes', elicited a significant number of high quality proposals from across UCL, showcasing a range of cross-disciplinary methods and collaborations.  Focused on urgent challenges, including those exacerbated by the cost of living crisis, the proposals frequently partnered UCL researchers with civil society and industry groups.  Only a small number of these high quality proposals could be funded in this round, and we look forward to seeing how these develop, and the impacts that follow."

Summary details of the projects awarded are below:

Healthy Homes for All


Professor Murray Fraser, Bartlett School of Architecture
Professor Rosalind Raine, Applied Research Health, Population Health Sciences

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement to Promote Inclusive Research Practices


Dr Natalie Marchant, Department of Psychiatry, Brain Sciences
Professor Anna Cox, UCL Intervention Centre, Brain Sciences

Addressing Disparities in Education and Employment Outcomes for Young Adults experiencing Homelessness


Dr Jessica Rea, Social Research Institute, Institute of Education
Dr Marc Pescod, Centrepoint

Equitable Warmth: Mapping and Optimising Warm Bank Access for UK's Vulnerable Populations


Dr Huanfa Chen, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), Built Environment 
Mr Emeka Forbes, Warm Welcome