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UCL Grand Challenges launches "Disruptive Voices"

21 June 2021

UCL Grand Challenges has launched a new podcast and blog, Disruptive Voices, exploring innovative solutions for a range of global issues.  

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Grand Challenges has always supported colleagues at UCL to do things a little differently and disrupt the status quo. For over a decade, we have supported people from diverse disciplines and sectors to work together to tackle pressing and complex issues for society and the planet.
The idea of facilitating these problem-focused, cross-disciplinary partnerships flows from UCL’s tradition as a radical institutionTo expand our support for UCL’s radical thinkers, Grand Challenges has launched a new blog and podcast series, Disruptive Voices, showcasing novel ideas and critical thinking.

Researchers and staff from across UCL and beyond share their forward-looking solutions and ideas for addressing societal challenges, discussing topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective and inspiring and encouraging us to think differently about issues of local, national and global concern. 

Dr James Paskins, UCL Grand Challenges Deputy Director, said: “I am delighted to be launching this new series. Disruptive Voices is a home for fresh insights about the world, novel approaches to wicked problems and critiques of accepted wisdom. I believe it is vital to keep an open mind and listen to new ideas and disruptive voices – and I hope that the series inspires people to engage with the topics we cover and offer their own ideas and solutions.” 

Nina Quach, UCL Grand Challenges Head of Programmes (Human Wellbeing and Global Health) added: “We’ve had fascinating conversations with researchers at UCL, which I’m very excited to share with our audience, especially during the pandemic when we rarely get to have long and deep conversation with others. Hearing all those novel ideas gives me hope and enthusiasm for the future we’re building”.  

If you’d like to pitch a piece for the Disruptive Voices blog, or appear on a podcast episode, please email Evie Calder e.calder@ucl.ac.uk or Nina Quach n.quach@ucl.ac.uk.