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'Cities of Sleep' film screening

13 March 2017

Urban Lab Films presents 'Cities of Sleep'.

Event details

Urban Lab Films presents 'Cities of Sleep'
Time and date:
May 25th 2017, 6:20pm
Location: Bertha DocHouse, Curzon Bloomsbury, The Brunswick, London WC1N 1AW

The UCL Urban Lab, together with the UCL Division of Psychiatry, are hosting a screening of a new documentary 'Cities of Sleep', that looks at the homelessness situation by night in Delhi.

The aim of the event is to initiate a dialogue on sleep, health and homelessness in Delhi and London - considering how cities with shared histories, yet divergent trajectories of urbanisation, can act as compelling entry points for comparison and intervention. Delhi has over two million homeless and in London over 8000 people slept rough at least once in 2015/16.

UCL's Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities is interested in work around the pressures of living, working and sleeping in modern cities.

Meanwhile, UCL's Grand Challenge of Cultural Understanding is beginning work on India Voices, a strand of activity looking at the subcontinent through a variety of lenses.

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