UCL Grand Challenges


The Civic University: The Policy and Leadership Challenges

4 January 2017

A new book examines universities' engagement with civil society, including input from Dr James Paskins of the UCL Grand Challenges

This edited collection from John Goddard, Ellen Hazelkorn, Louise Kempton, and Paul Vallance addresses the leadership and management challenges for universities that engage with civil society, both locally and globally.

It develops a model of the civic university as an academic concept, drawing out practical lessons for university management on how to embed civic engagement in the heartland of the university.

The book draws on the experience of eight institutions including University College London, which is covered in a chapter by John-Paul Addie and James Paskins. It will be of interest to academics of politics, public policy and management studies, as well as having relevance to policymakers in the field.

The Civic University: The Policy and Leadership Challenges is published by Elagar. http://www.e-elgar.com/shop/the-civic-university


The book available to read online for institutions with a subscription (which includes UCL).