UCL Grand Challenges


Green Recovery from COVID-19

This joint funding call from UCL's Grand Challenges & Environment Domain supported projects that addressed the challenges of a green recovery from COVID-19.

The interplay between the COVID-19 pandemic and the global climate and biodiversity crisis has highlighted the vulnerability and unsuitability of our current practices. It has also shown the power of coordinated action in confronting a global emergency. Behavioural, economic, environmental and societal changes are needed to drive a better recovery, one which prioritises a greener and fairer economy, with more sustainable cities and ways of living, which recharges environmental consciousness and responsibility and underpins social justice.

There are many complex challenges involved in trying to ensure a green recovery from the current pandemic. The projects below represent novel approaches to addressing them.

Complex Risk Governance for a Green and Sustainable Recovery from COVID-19

Dr Tom Pegram, Political Science
Dr Carina Fearnley, Science & Technology Studies

Microbial Buildings: A Radically New Approach To Sustainable Buildings Using Beneficial Microbes

Richard Beckett, Bartlett School of Architecture
Dr Sean Nair, Eastman Dental Institute

Practice-based Learning in Cities for Climate Action “PELICAN” Dashboard

Ryan Bellinson, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
Martha McPherson, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose