UCL Grand Challenges


Colonial Legacies, Contemporary Inequities: Critical Approaches to Global Health

A one-day hybrid symposium supported by the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL Grand Challenges, and UCL Social and Historical Sciences. Online, June 14, 2023.

10.00-10.15amRegistration, coffee/tea (15m) 


Welcome/introduction (15m)

  • Prof Sahra Gibbon, UCL Anthropology
  • Catriona Gold, UCL Geography


Opening keynote (1h05m)

Africa and the critical health humanities: lessons in autonomy, sovereignty and voice.

Speaker: Dr Chisomo Kalinga, Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.
Chair: Prof Megan Vaughan, UCL Institute of Advanced Studies.


Break (10m)

11.45am - 1pm

Revealing inequalities: an interdisciplinary paper session (1h15m)
Chair: Prof Sahra Gibbon, UCL Anthropology.

Extracting and composing embodied inequalities through a public health system: thinking about bodies and territories with Indigenous women in Brazil
Dr Maria Paula Prates, UCL Anthropology.

Revealing Hidden Global Politics: Cholangiocarcinoma, Raw Fish Consumption, and Health Inequalities in Northeast Thailand
Filis Liu, UCL Department of Anthropology.

Ageing in the Heat: The Overlooked Impact of Climate Change on the Health of Older People in China
Jinghan Li and Dan Liang, UCL Geography.

Unravelling the Complexities of Harmful Marketing to Children: A Critical Political Economy Perspective
Srivatsan Rajagopalan and Maria Soraghan, UCL Institute for Global Health.

Public Sector Digital Transformation as a Determinant of Health: A look at the World Bank’s Digital Identity for Development (ID4D) global policy initiative.
Nai Lee Kalema, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, The Bartlett.


Lunch (45m) – outdoors, on north side of Quad


Mental health & reflexivity: an interdisciplinary paper session (1h05m)
Chair: Catriona Gold, UCL Geography.

Mental Health Rehabilitation in Morocco: An Explorative Study
Sophia El Ouazzani, UCL Psychiatry and UCL Institute for Global Health.

Experiences of and Interventions for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in South Asia: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis
Shivangi Talwar, UCL Psychiatry (presenting), Carlos Osorio, UCL Psychiatry; Rajesh Sagar, All India Institute of Medical Sciences; Rebecca Appleton, NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit; and Jo Billings, UCL Psychiatry.

The export of mental illness: categories that fail people.
Ananya Choyal, UCL Anthropology.

From Abstraction to Action: Establishing a Collaborative Reflexivity Praxis for Transformative Global Health Research
Rosamund Greiner (presenting), Hattie Lowe (presenting), Faith Miller, Callie Daniels- Howell and Alma Ionescu, UCL Institute for Global Health.


Break (10m)


Afternoon keynote (1h05m)

Feeding the end of the world: unhealthy ecologies, precarious labor, and COVID-19 in the meat industry in Southern Brazil.
Speaker: Dr Jean Segata, Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Chair: Prof Sahra Gibbon, UCL Anthropology.


Break (10m)


Concluding roundtable (45m)

  • Prof Sushrut Jadhav (UCL Psychiatry)
  • Prof Ed Fottrell (UCL Institute for Global Health)
  • Dr Chisomo Kalinga (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Jean Segata (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)
  • Prof Sahra Gibbon (UCL Anthropology)

Chair: Dr Jennie Gamlin (UCL Institute for Global Health)


Final remarks (15m)

  • Prof Megan Vaughan, UCL Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Dr James Paskins, UCL Grand Challenges


Reception (45m) – outdoors, on north side of Quad