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Cultural Connections—Superdiverse UCL

Creating a podcast series promoting cultural awareness and inclusiveness at UCL.

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2 October 2020


Grant: Doctoral Small Grants funded projects
Year awarded: 2020-21
Amount awarded: £1,400


  • Jiawei Ding, IOE
  • Siying Li, Clinical, Education and Health Psychology, Brain Sciences

In this collaborative project, two UCL doctoral students devised and hosted a podcast series, entitled SuperdiverseUCL. The podcast seeks to promote cultural awareness and inclusiveness at UCL by guesting UCL students from various cultural backgrounds to share their views and experiences during biweekly conversations.

The project and podcast is called ‘superdiverse’ because the project partners want to showcase and celebrate diversity, not simply label students by their race, ethnicity, or nationality. They note that 'we understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and we’d like to hear about the different views and stories that each individual journey has brought.' The project aims to empower students through participating in and listening to the podcast, to feel able to contribute to cross-cultural discussions in an active way. It is also envisaged that the conversations will introduce students to new perspectives, and virtually accompany them at this unprecedented time. 

The series is available here on Soundcloud and the project website can be accessed here

Outputs and Impact