UCL Grand Challenges


At the Frontier of the Urban

At the Frontier of the Urban: Re-thinking Concepts and Practices Globally (International Cross-disciplinary Conference)

1 October 2019


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2019-20
Amount awarded: £1,000


  • Clare Melhuish, UCL Urban Laboratory, The Bartlett/Built Environment
  • Jennifer Robinson, Geography, Social & Historical Sciences

Urban societies are undergoing immense changes; how are urban concepts and practices responding? This conference seeks to stimulate new conceptualisations of the urban by convening cutting-edge scholarship and dialogue resonant with distinctive urban experiences, especially those beyond the conventional euro-american heartlands of urban studies, but with scope to reach across different contexts.

Supported by the Making Africa Urban project, this international conference explored emerging themes and critical methodologies at the frontiers of urban theory and practice. 

The conference aimed to better understand: how land, investment, finance, law and the state are reshaping urban spaces; or how processes of reproducing everyday life, identity politics, popular mobilization and contestation are remaking urban experiences; or how challenges of urbanisation, such as climate change, data, health, housing and poverty are redefining urban futures.

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