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Translational Application of Multidisciplinary Research for Incontinence

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1 August 2018


Grant: UCL-French Embassy Science & Technology Workshops
Year awarded: 2018-19
Amount awarded: £4,090

Project Team

  • UCL: Richard Day, UCL Division of Medicine
  • France: Olivier Boyer, Faculty of Medicine, Rouen Normandy University

Translational Application of Multidisciplinary Research for Incontinence: Recent insights, emerging technologies and future directions builds on established collaboration between UCL and Rouen University Hospital. The funding is for a workshop to directly address Science & Technology challenges for a neglected condition at the frontier of basic and applied science related Population Ageing.

The workshop will consist of discussions focussing on four areas:

  1. Clinical Context: key clinical aspects of healthcare for continence and co-morbidities
  2. Patient Perspective: describing the needs of people who live with incontinence
  3. Research Challenges: identifying the key opportunities and technological challenges
  4. Effective Innovation: responsible translation of research in this socially sensitive and clinically important area

Outputs and Impacts

  • Identify appropriate data collection methods for capturing current and latent travel behaviour
  • Pilot study to characterise mobility demand and travel in a representative district
  • Discuss and develop findings with key policy actors