UCL Grand Challenges


Beyond the 'Engagement' Paradigm: participating in youth lives in rural Somerset

Special Initiative funding for Grand Challenges in 2017/18

3 October 2017


Grant: Grand Challenges Special Initiatives
Part of Adolescent Lives
Year awarded: 2017-18
Amount awarded: £2,345


  • Alison Macdonald, Department of Anthropology, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Lasse Johansson, Department of Anthropology, Social & Historical Sciences

External partners

  • Sally Denehy (Teacher and education consultant, Sexey's School, Bruton, Somerset)

Dr Alison Macdonald, from UCL's Department of Anthropology, collaborated with Lasse Johansson a documentary filmmaker at UCL, and Sally Dennehy a state school teacher in Somerset, to produce a film aimed at understanding adolescence in the context of permanent school exclusion in non-selective state schools and to challenge societal misconceptions about the ‘excluded kid’.