UCL Grand Challenges


Adolescent Identities: The Untapped Power of Young Adult Literature

Special Initiative funding for Grand Challenges in 2017/18

3 October 2017


Grant: Grand Challenges Special Initiatives
Year awarded: 2017-18
Amount awarded: £6,268


  • Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, Department of Information Studies, Arts & Humanities
  • Laura Benton, Knowledge Lab, IOE

External partners 

  • Dr Leah Phillips (PDRA, Director - Young Adult Literature, Media, and Culture Research Network, Warwick University)
  • Other external partners include Waterstones and The Book Trust


Outputs and Impacts

Dr Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, Senior Lecturer in UCL Information Studies, and Dr Leah Phillips, PDRA at UCL's Knowledge Lab, examined what impact a lack of diversity in young adult fiction is having on adolescents. The project created infographics and a reading list, a YouTube channel, and a blog.