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Meeting the mental health needs of Syrian refugees with trauma-related distress

This project is a collaboration between doctoral students in Clinical Psychology and the Institute of Global Health.

Doctoral Students' Small Grant Grand Challenge of Global Health

1 August 2017


Grant: Doctoral Small Grants funded projects
Year awarded: 2017-18
Amount awarded: £1,835


  • Ms Aseel Hamid, Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology
  • Dr Miriam Orcutt MBBS, UCL Institute of Global Health

This project is a collaboration between Ms Aseel Hamid, a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology and Dr Miriam Orcutt a PhD student and the coordinator of UCL Lancet Commission on Migration and Health

Their project will bring together psychological and global health perspectives in the analysis and dissemination components of an initiative that has trained displaced Syrians in trauma therapy. Awardees Hamid and Orcutt will evaluate how well this initiative fits with widely endorsed global health principles of training community workers in evidence-based therapies aimed at ensuring accessibility and sustainability of mental health provision.

Outputs and Impacts

  • awaiting outputs and impacts