UCL Grand Challenges


Crime analysis for informal settlements: challenges and opportunities

A Grand Challenges Sustainable Cities project funded by a small grant.

1 August 2015


Grant: Grand Challenges Small Grants
Year awarded: 2015-16
Amount awarded: £4,000


  • Hervé Borrion, Security and Crime Science, Engineering Sciences
  • Priti Parikh CEGE - Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, Engineering Sciences

The concept of “sustainable cities” is key to the quality of life of several billions people. One aspect of this concept concerns the ability of urban institutions to control crime problems. In developed countries, sophisticated analytical methods and tools are increasingly being used to inform the design of crime prevention measures. However, such methods rely on the availability of geocoded crime data that are seldom available. In particular, creating geocoded data for slums and informal settlements is a real challenge due to informality, resources and lack of institutional capacity. 

The project aims to support the development of crime analysis methods that can be applied in developing countries to support crime prevention and detection.

This Grand Challenge collaborative initiative offers the investigators opportunities to exchange and combine knowledge from different disciplines to stimulate new lines of research between linguistics, computer science, urban planning, crime science, GIS and international development.

Impacts and Outputs

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