UCL Grand Challenges


Grand Challenges Visual Identity

If you have been funded by the Grand Challenges, please make sure you remember to use the relevant icon in any materials you produce.

Branding guidelines

The Grand Challenges icons are available in a variety of styles and formats below. These are suitable for print and online use.

Please refer to the branding guidelines on using the icon correctly and effectively.

Download the branding guidelines​ →

A note on formats 

The ".png" versions of the logos have transparent backgrounds, this means you can easily drop the logo into a document with a coloured background. The .png version is large enough for most uses, including research posters. 

UCL Grand Challenges Icons

Grand Challenges Long Icon (for white or light backgrounds)

Grand Challenges Long Icon in white (for dark or brightly coloured backgrounds)
Grand Challenges Icon White

  • png version (transparent background - right click on the blank space and "save images as")

Grand Challenges Star

Grand Challenges Star - White

  • png version (transparent background - right click on the blank space and "save image as")


UCL Grand Challenges Tiles


Justice & Equality

Transformative Technology

Global Health


Sustainable Cities

Cultural Understanding

Human Wellbeing

If you have any queries or require a high-quality eps version of the icon, please email Eleanor Mason e.mason@ucl.ac.uk