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Rome and Paris Funds 2020/21

We invite proposals for up to £5,000 per project for academic activity with partners based in Paris or Rome.

The Cities partnerships Programme funds are led by the programme's Academic Directors Dr Florian Mussgnug and Dr Claire Colomb. They are supported by its board of senior academics and professional services staff and the Global Engagement Office (GEO).

Who can apply? 

Applications are open to UCL staff members with the following roles:

  • Professor/Professorial Teaching Fellow or equivalent
  • Reader/Assistant Professor or equivalent
  • Senior Lecturer/Principal Researcher/Principal Research Associate/Senior Teaching Fellow or equivalent
  • Lecturer/Senior Research Associate/Teaching Fellow or equivalent
  • Post Doc/Researcher/Post Doc Fellow/Research Associate or equivalent.

Applications should be submitted by the lead applicant.

Applicants must have an open-ended UCL contract or a fixed-term contract which lasts until at least July 2021. If an applicant has a fixed-term contract that does not last until July 2021 they can apply if their contract covers the dates in which the project/initiative is due to take place and must have a co-applicant who is a UCL staff member with an open-ended contract.

Full details on eligibility can be found in the criteria and guidance document.


Beginning in Paris and Rome, the Cities partnerships Programme is a new UCL initiative which supports and promotes academic collaborations in research and teaching with partners in global cities across the world. 

The initial focus on Europe is an expression of UCL’s commitment to our European partners: those who share our values and a clear emphasis on world-leading academic excellence. By focusing on a city rather than a specific organisation, UCL academics will work with the individuals and institutions that they feel are the best in their particular field, enabling a programme of activity in the city across multiple disciplines.


Up to £5,000 is available for each project undertaken between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021.

In exceptional cases, applicants can bid for a higher budget if the project is likely to sow the seeds of a long-term collaboration. Please get in touch with the Academic Director for Rome (Dr Florian Mussgnug) or Paris (Dr Claire Colomb) if you wish to put forward an application for a higher amount.

How to apply

Applications closed on 17 May 2019. They will re-open for 2020/21 in Spring 2020.

View the recipients of the programme's first funding round for academic activity in Rome.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Bryan Taylor

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