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Thanzi La Onse

Thanzi La Onse: building a model of health and health care in Malawi to inform health care resource allocation

Project Summary 

The UCL role, joint with Imperial, is to develop a model of all health loss in the context of Malawi in order to inform resource allocation for health care.

Research team

Prof Timothy Hallett, Prof Mark Sculpher, Mr Paul Revill, Dr Tara Mangal, Dr Timothy Colbourn, Mr Joseph Collins, Ms Ines Lin, Dr Valentina Cambiano, Dr Mikaela Smit, Dr Pablo Perez-Guzman, Dr Nimalan Arinaminpathy, Dr Asif Tamuri, Dr Stef Piatek, Dr Jonathan Cooper, Mr Jonathan Roberts, Dr Iwona Hawryluk, Prof Alison Rodger

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