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Race & Health

Race & Health is a collective working to reduce the adverse effects of discrimination that leads to poor health.

Project Summary 

Race & Health is a collective of academics, artists, activists, policy makers, grassroots organisations and individuals, working to reduce the adverse effects of discrimination that leads to poor health.

To achieve this goal Race & Health has three inter-related streams of work: Academia, Education and Advocacy. 


Through academic work, the collective will produce and publish the first global synthesis of how racism and discrimination affect health, centering racism as a health issue.

The work will outline how historical context affects health inequalities today, taking an intersectional approach from across the world and across all stages of life.

This framing of racism as a determinant of health, outlining mechanisms and solutions, is both novel and essential in addressing structural racism.


Race & Health is developing curricula for education on how racism has impacted health for centuries and continues to do so today.

The content will be made for schools, undergraduate courses and postgraduate education for professionals and the collective will advocate that this education be both mandatory and mainstream, to inform those who are not already engaged and further the impact in addressing structural racism.


Advocacy efforts will be informed by a consultation process, which will include webinars, podcasts, policy briefs and educational sessions, and continued collaboration with grassroots organisation.

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