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June 2022

Mechanisms for community prevention of violence against women in low- and middle-income countries: A realist approach to a comparative analysis of qualitative data

Hattie Lowe, Laura Brown, Ayesha Ahmad, Nayreen Daruwalla, Lu Gram, David Osrin, Krishna Panchal, Daniella Watson, Cathy Zimmerman, Jenevieve Mannell.
May 2022The Prevelance and Patterns of Menopausal Symptoms in Women Living with HIV.Hajra OkhaiCaroline A Sabin, Katharina Haag, Lorraine Sherr, Rageshri Dhairyawan, J Shephard, Richard GilsonFiona Burns, Frank A Post, R Jones, Y Gilleece, Shema Tariq
May 2022

Connecting Positive Peace and Positive Health in a Systems Approach to Sustainable Development at the Community Level

Laura E. R. Peters, Ilan Kelman, Geordan Shannon
May 2022Adolescent parenthood and HIV-infection in South Africa - Associations with child cognitive development

Kathryn J. Steventon RobertsLorraine Sherr, Katharina Haag, Colette Smith, Janina Jochim, Elona Toska, Marguerite Marlow, Lucie Cluver

April 2022Follicle-stimulating hormone in postmenopausal women living with HIV: a prevalence studyShema TariqHajra Okhai Abigail Severn Caroline A SabinFiona BurnsRichard Gilson, Julie Fox , Yvonne Gilleece, Nicola E Mackie , Frank A Post , Iain Reeves, Melanie Rosenvinge, Ann Sullivan, Andrew Ustianowski, Robert F Miller
April 2022Obesity in women living with HIV ages 45-60 in England: An analysis of the PRIME study.Asma N Ashraf, Hajra Okhai, Caroline A Sabin, Lorraine Sherr, Katharina Haag, Rageshri Dhairyawan Richard Gilson Fiona Burns , Fiona Pettitt, Shema Tariq
March 2022The Lancet Nigeria Commission: investing in health and the future of the nation Ibrahim Abubakar, Sarah L. Dalglish, Blake Angell, Olutobi Sanuade, Seye Abimbola, Aishatu Lawal Adamu, et al.
March 2022Virus amongst the vegetables: Peruvian marketplaces, hygiene, and post-colonial indigeneity under gender-segregated quarantine in the European Journal of Women's studiesRebecca Irons
March 2022Data innovation in response to COVID-19 in Somalia: application of a syndromic case definition and rapid mortality assessment methodAndrew Seal, Mohamed Jelle, Balint Nemeth, Mohamed Yusuf Hassan, Dek Abdi Farah, Faith Mueni Musili, George Samuel Asol, Carlos Grijalva-Eternod, Ed Fottrell.
March 2022Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 shedding in a person living with advanced HIV and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a case reportIrfaan Maan, Stavroula Maria Paraskevopoulou, Kate Cwynarski, Meena Shrestha, Laura Waters, Robert Miller, Nadia Ahmed.
March 2022Risk factors for violence against women in high-prevalence settings: a mixed-methods systematic review and meta-synthesisJenevieve MannellHattie LoweLaura BrownReshmi Mukerji, Delan Devakumar, Lu Gram, Henrica A F M Jansen, Nicole Minckas, David Osrin, Audrey ProstGeordan Shannon, Seema Vyas.
March 2022High-Risk Contexts for Violence Against Women: Using Latent Class Analysis to Understand Structural and Contextual Drivers of Intimate Partner Violence at the National LevelLaura J Brown, Hattie Lowe, Andrew Gibbs, Jenevieve Mannell, Colette Smith.
March 2022Planetary Boundaries in The Routledge Handbook of Global DevelopmentIlan Kelman 
March 2022Equity impact of participatory learning and action community mobilisation and mHealth interventions to prevent and control type 2 diabetes and intermediate hyperglycaemia in rural Bangladesh: analysis of a cluster randomised controlled trialMalini Pires , Sanjit Shaha, Carina King, Joanna Morrison, Tasmin Nahar, Naveed Ahmed, Hannah Maria Jennings, Kohenour Akter, Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli, A K Azad Khan, Anthony Costello, Abdul Kuddus, Kishwar Azad, Edward Fottrell.
February 2022Patterns of mental health symptoms among women living with HIV ages 45-60 in England: associations with demographic and clinical factors.Katharina Haag, Shema Tariq, Rageshri Dhairyawan, Caroline SabinHajra OkhaiRichard GilsonFiona BurnsLorraine Sherr
February 2022Deep sequencing of HIV-1 reveals extensive subtype variation and drug resistance after failure of first-line antiretroviral regimens in Nigeria.Kate El Bouzidi, Rawlings P Datir, Vivian Kwaghe, Sunando Roy, Dan Frampton, Judith Breuer, Obinna Ogbanufe, Fati Murtala-Ibrahim, Man Charurat , Patrick Dakum Caroline A Sabin, Nicaise Ndembi, Ravindra K Gupta
February 2022Join spatiotemporal modelling reveals seasonally dynamic patterns of Japanese encephalitis vector abundance across India Lydia H.V. Franklinos, David W Redding, Tim C.D Lucas, Rory Gibb, Ibrahim Abubakar, Kate E. Jones.
February 2022Obesity in women with HIV aged of 45-60 in England: An analysis of the PRIME studyAsma N. Ashraf, Hajra Okhai, Caroline A. Sabin, Lorraine Sherr, Katharina Haag, Rageshri Dhairyawan, Richard Gilson, Fiona Burns, Fiona Pettitt, Shema Tariq
January 2022COVID-19 mortality among people with diagnosed HIV compared to those without during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in England.Alison E BrownSara E Croxford, Sophie Nash, Jameel Khawam, Peter Kirwan, Meaghan Kall, Daniel Bradshaw, Caroline Sabin, Robert F Miller, Frank A Post, Richard Harding, Simon Collins, Laura Waters, David Asboe, David R Chadwick, Valerie Delpech, Ann K Sullivan
January 2022Sex aggregated data matters: tracking the impact of COVID-19 on the health of women and menSarah Hawkes, Athena Pantazis, Anna Purdie, Abhishek Gautam, Sylvia Kiwuwa-Muyingo, Kent Buse, Sonja Tanaka, Kakoli Borkotoky, Sneha Sharma & Ravi Verma
January 2022Global health security and islands as seen through COVID-19 and vaccinationStephen L. Roberts & Ilan Kelman
January 2022Co-developing ethical principles for a VAW prevention intervention in Samoa: centring community identity, history and cultural values.The EVE project. Hattie Lowe
January 2022Association between health-related quality of life and menopausal status and symptoms in women living with HIV ages 45-60 years in England: An analysis of the PRIME study.Hajra Okhai, Livia Dragomir, Erica Rm Pool, Caroline A Sabin, Alec Miners, Lorraine Sherr, Katharina Haag, Rageshri Dhairyawan, Nina VoraBinta SultanRichard Gilson, Fiona Burns, Yvonne Gilleece , Rachael Jones, Frank Post, Jonathan Ross, Andrew Ustianowski, Shema Tariq
December 2021Do Climate Change Interventions Impact the Determinants of Health for Pacific Island Peoples?Daphnee Voyatzis-Bouillard & Ilan Kelman
December 2021Discussing parenthood with gay men diagnosed with HIV: a qualitative study of patient and healthcare practitioner perspectivesRobert Pralat, Jane AndersonFiona Burns, Elizabeth Yarrow & Tristan J. Barber.