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Supporting Public Health Institutes (Bangladesh): Investing in People

Strengthening capacities of icddr,b and national health authorities for better health policies and strategies for improved outcomes


Dates: 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2019

Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Hawkes

Partners: ICDDRB

Location: Bangladesh

Funding: EuropeAid

Contact: s.hawkes@ucl.ac.uk

Photo: Richard Warren / IGH

Project Summary

Our overall objective is to support evidence-informed public health policy-making in Bangladesh, leading to progress towards universal health coverage (UHC) and improved health equity, particularly for urban poor and those suffering from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). We propose to achieve this through efforts to strengthen public health institutions concerned with both the "supply" and the "demand" for high quality evidence in policy cycles in Bangladesh. We aim to: (1) strengthen the capacity of public health institutes in Bangladesh to engage with key decision makers to promote evidence-informed policy-cycles; and (2) strengthen the capacity of policy influencers and policy implementers to access, analyze and appropriately use high quality evidence in health policy and practice. In order to achieve these two goals we have compiled a team of Applicants and Affiliates with expertise and reach in the collection, analysis and interpretation of evidence, in addition to decision-makers embedded at key stages of the 5 yearly health policy cycle in Bangladesh.

Research Team
Dr Sarah Hawkes
Dr Iqbal Anwar


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