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Stratified Treatment OPtimisation for HCV-1: An open-label randomised controlled trial (RCT) testing biomarker-stratified short-course first-line and re-treatment direct-acting antiviral (DAA) oral treatment regimens to cure mild chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) disease

Project Summary

New treatments for hepatitis C (HCV) can be taken for shorter periods of time, with less severe side-effects compared to previous treatments (6-12 months). Almost all people are cured with 12 weeks of treatment; it is unknown what the minimum duration of treatment could be in order to achieve cure, there have been limited investigations into shorter treatments.

The protocol has been designed as a platform protocol to look at varying (intervention) 4-6 weeks vs fixed (control) 8

weeks of first-line combined Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) treatment with or without ribavirin for patients with mono-infection with HCV or co-infection (HIV/HCV), with genotype 1a/1b and mild liver disease.

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