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UCL Lancet Lecture Series

The latest UCL Lancet Lecture was held on 29th April 2019 and delivered by Dr Rachel Nugent, Vice-President – Global Non-communicable Diseases, RTI International.  Dr Nugent's lecture title was "NCDs as a global emergency: closer to pandemic or climate change?"  A recording of the lecture is available on YouTube.

More than 70% of global health deaths are caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which have been estimated to impose a $47 trillion burden on developing country GDP by 2030. Emergent chronic health conditions pose systemic problems to society, economies, and individuals. More than 1.4 billion people in the world have high blood pressure, almost 800,000 people die from suicide globally, almost a half-billion have diabetes, and 40% of adults in the world are overweight or obese.

Like pandemics, NCDs are usually preventable. Like climate change, NCDs require a multi-sectoral response. Like both, NCDs are largely a human-caused problem. This lecture claims that NCDs are a solvable problem and describes plausible scenarios for reversing NCD burden and achieving health and economic gains. Achieving this change requires more than disease prevention and treatment. It will require all sectors of society to create new ways to sustain and produce health and – in parallel – eliminate the counter-productive and health-damaging environment that surrounds us. It should be feasible for every country in the world to conquer NCDs in an ethical, sustainable and affordable manner.

Full list of UCL Lancet lectures

2019 Lancet Lecture: Dr Rachel Nugent

2017 Lancet Lecture: Ms Lilianne Ploumen

2016 Lancet Lecture: Ms Cristiana Figueres

2015 Lancet Lecture: Ms Amina J. Mohammed

2014 Lancet Lecture: Ms Arundhati Roy

2013 Lancet Lecture: Dr Agnes Binagwaho

2012 Lancet Lecture: Mr Michel Sidibé

2011 Lancet Lecture: Professor Jayati Ghosh

2010 Lancet Lecture: Ms Helen Clark

2009 Lancet Lecture: Professor Lord May

2008 Lancet Lecture: Professor Michel Kazatchkine

2007 Lancet Lecture: Professor Adenike Grange

2006 Lancet Lecture: Mr Jens Stoltenberg

From 2001 to 2005, the series was known as the IHMEC-Lancet Lecture.  Speakers in the IHMEC-Lancet series were as follows:

2001: Clare Short (Minister for Overseas Development)

2002: Jeffrey Sachs (economist and special adviser to several UN Secretaries General)

2003: Vandana Shiva (environmentalist and social activist)

2004: Amartya Sen (economist and Nobel Laureate)

2005: Daniel Kahneman (psychologist and Nobel Laureate)