Institute for Global Health


UCL Centre for Molecular Epidemiology and Translational Research

The Centre for Molecular Epidemiology and Translational Research aims to drive transdisciplinary global health research through high-impact whole systems epidemiological approaches, incorporating molecular and 'omics' technologies into large-scale population and clinical studies.

Strategic Priorities

  • To provide a focal point for transdisciplinary research in infection by catalysing collaboration between population health researchers, microbiologists, clinicians, basic scientists and computational biologists
  • To support existing and develop new large-scale epidemiological studies which combine sociodemographic, clinical and environmental information with data from molecular and 'omics' technologies
  • To undertake research to improve our understanding of the transmission, natural history and progression of infectious diseases by combining epidemiological and 'omic' approaches
  • To develop population-health expertise in microbiota studies
  • To provide evidence to support the development of interventions against infectious disease using innovative technologies, including those targeted at the most disadvantaged populations
  • To act as a training centre for postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in infectious disease epidemiology

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