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UCL Centre for Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Modelling and Evaluation (CREME)

The Centre for Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Modelling and Evaluation applies multi-disciplinary research methods to generate an in-depth understanding of problems and their solutions in order to inform improvements in population health and guide policy.  For several years this has largely been based around studies of risk of HIV acquisition, studies of people living with HIV, and models of HIV transmission, progression and the effect of ART to inform policy in high, middle and low-income settings.  Recently, research has expanded into other infections and chronic conditions.  We work closely with national and international policy making bodies such as Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.  The Centre also organises the International Workshop on HIV and Hepatitis Observational Databases (IWHOD) annually.

Strategic Priorities
  • To undertake research to understand mechanistic pathways of disease, variations in prognosis and complications of disease and/or its treatment, with the aim of improving health outcomes
  • To create a greater understanding of the impact of social, structural and clinical  factors on the evolution of disease epidemics
  • To use mathematical modelling to understand the health and economic impact of public health interventions, with the aim of contributing to policy decision-making processes·
  • To undertake evaluation of programmes, interventions and innovative models of health care delivery
Andrew Phillips
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Centre Co-director 
Caroline Sabin
Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology
Centre Co-director 
Patricia Withington
Administrative Assistant
Sarah Amele
PhD student
Nadia Hanum
PhD student
Kholoud Porter
Professor of Epidemiology
Manolis Bagkeris
PhD student
Fiona Lampe 
Senior Lecturer
Sophia Marie Rein
PhD student
Loveleen Bansi-Matharu
Senior Research Fellow
Qiuju Li
Research Associate
Kathryn Roberts
PhD student
Valentina Cambiano
Lecturer in Infectious Disease Modelling
Helen Mebrahtu
PhD student
Alison Rodger 
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri
Senior Lecturer
Amanda Mocroft 
Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
Ashley Roen 
Research Associate
Rudo Chingono
PhD student
Kasonde Mwaba
PhD student
Jenny Sewell 
Research Nurse and PhD Student
Elisa Duarte
Research Assistant
Hajra Okhai
Research Assistant
Lorraine Sherr 
Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology
Davide de Francesco
Research Assistant
Annegret Pelchen-Matthews 
Research Associate
Colette Smith 
Associate Professor and Lecturer in Biostatistics
Lauren Greenberg
Research Associate and PhD student

Affiliated members of the centre:

Fiona Burns  


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