Institute for Global Health


UCL Centre for Climate Change, Migration, Conflict and Health

Our centre aims to provide world-leading expertise on the links between public health and climate change, migration and conflict, as well as policy and humanitarian responses to disasters and complex emergencies.  Our current research areas include: the impacts of, and responses to  climate change, especially for the Arctic and small islands; the health of people with  disabilities in disaster and their involvement in disaster risk reduction; climate  change, migration, conflict, disasters, and health in border zones; the development  of indicators for climate change and health; the use of cash transfers to reduce acute malnutrition in complex emergencies; the use of longitudinal nutrition and health  surveillance systems to improve epidemiology and response in humanitarian emergencies.  The centre also hosts the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health, and The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change initiative.   

Strategic Priorities

  • To build the evidence base and enhance knowledge and understanding of key threats and opportunities for global health linked to climate change, migration, conflict, and their interactions.  
  • To design and evaluate effective policy and humanitarian responses to protect and enhance public health.  
  • To provide undergraduate and postgraduate education and training in Climate Change, Migration, Conflict, and Health through modules including: Conflict, Humanitarianism and Health; Nutrition and Public Health; Climate Change and Health; and Conflict, Humanitarianism and Disaster Risk Reduction; support to an overseas training initiative for practitioners in humanitarian nutrition; and opportunities for PhD and postdoctoral research training.

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