What is a Global Citizen?


Education for Global Citizenship at UCL

Studying at UCL is much more than attending lectures and sitting exams. We're proud to have a diverse student body that engages with the whole range of opportunities on offer, who leave us as 'global citizens'.

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme allows students to develop and demonstrate the qualities of a 'global citizen', whether by responding to some of the real-world questions tackled by the UCL Grand Challenges, or working with a local voluntary sector organisation to meet the needs of the local community.

The Programme offers a real and transformative experience for students participating and for our external partners.

Global Citizenship attributes

At UCL we want our students to become not just experts in your disciplinary fields, but global citizens, who:

  • look beyond their individual and local interests and see the complexity of an interconnected world
  • understand the nature of the challenges that face that world
  • are aware of their social, ethical and political responsibilities
  • are ready to display leadership and work together to change the world for the better
  • are able to solve problems through innovation and entrepreneurship
  • prosper in a global jobs market that values the skills UCL provides

By taking part in the UCL Global Citizenship Programme, you will have additional opportunities to develop and demonstrate these characteristics alongside your degree programme and extra-curricular activities. 


UCL as Global Citizen

UCL is not only commited to producing outstanding graduates prepared to act as 'global citizens', but to act as a global citizen as an institution.

We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities with which we interact, and to act ethically and responsibly in all we do. That's why we've sponsored the UCL Academy and adopted our first Environmental Sustainability Strategy, beyond our overseas campuses and world-leading research.

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