Information for UCL staff

To ensure the Programme is available to as many undergraduate students as possible, we are now looking for academic staff to develop and lead two new first-year options for the 2015/16 academic year and beyond.

The first-year courses on the UCL Global Citizenship Programme provide our undergraduates with the opportunity to engage with cross-disciplinary, global problems within the framework of the UCL Grand Challenges.

We are now looking for two new courses for the 2015/16 academic year, to take place in the two week Programme period from 31st May to 10th June 2016. 

Staff interested in leading and developing a Grand Challenge-themed course should read the information on this page, and contact Dr Tim Beasley-Murray (Academic Director: Global Citizenship) to discuss ideas further.

What's involved?

Each first-year course caters for 100-125 students, split into groups of 12-15. Each group is allocated a PGTA to help facilitate discussion, encourage participation and oversee the production of two outputs for exhibition at the end of the Programme.

We expect 4-6 hours of activity each day, including group discussion/project work time and additional skills sessions to help students learn new skills to produce their outputs, as well as lectures to provide contextual information.

Global Citizenship

Courses must incorporate a focus on the concept of Global Citizenship, through the lens of UCL’s research. As a result, we are looking for strands that

• address a problem or topic that is global in nature or, if the problem or topic is more immediately local, that raise, whether by extension or by analogy, questions that are global in reach.

• encourage students to reflect on a variety of global perspectives and to consider diverse or competing sets of interests and values.

• bring to students to reflect on their own varying positions in, and engagement with the world and to reflect on their different trajectories into the world after graduation.

Further information

Detail on what first-year courses should cover, and the support provided by the central Programme team, can be found in this guidance note.

Those interested in developing a course should contact Dr Tim Beasley-Murray (Academic Director, Global Citizenship) in the first instance, and submit their proposal to Josh Blacker (Global Citizenship Programme Manager) using this form.

For more information, contact:


T: 55214 Eglobalcitizenshipprogramme@ucl.ac.uk

W: ucl.ac.uk/global-citizenship/programme


We introduced the UCL Global Citizenship Programme from 2013 to complement students' degree programmes and enhance their experience of UCL as a world-leading university.

The opportunity to engage with our Grand Challenges research and work in small teams on real-world problems is a real benefit for undergraduates and we appreciate departments' assistance not only in putting together the courses but encouraging students to take part.


Professor Anthony Smith
Vice-Provost (Education)

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