UCL Global Citizenship Programme


Global citizenship

Being a global citizen means understanding the challenges our world faces and contributing to the solutions


In order to review UCL's co-curricular offer,  it has been decided to pause the GCP programme for 2020-21. This will help us to review, plan and develop an exciting programme for students 2021-22. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the programme. 

Our world is now more connected than ever before. But it also faces big challenges, such as infectious diseases, rapid urbanisation, and sustainability. 

To solve these global challenges, we need global citizens, and the Global Citizenship Programme is designed to train you to become one. Through the work and activities you do on the programme you'll gain these essential qualities of global citizenship:

  • an understanding of the complexity and challenges of our interconnected world
  • a strong sense of social, ethical and political responsibility
  • skills like teamwork and leadership, and being able to solve problems through innovation and entrepreneurship.

What you'll gain

The benefits you'll gain by taking part in the programme include:

Understanding our challenges

You will be able to put your degree into a wider global context, and get a better understanding of our most pressing problems, and be able to help start finding the solutions.

Diversifying your network

You'll meet new students, staff, and experts across a wide range of different disciplines and areas. You'll also collaborate with businesses, charities and community groups.

Developing new skills

You'll learn new professional and academic skills across a range of hands-on workshops, team projects and real-life scenario sessions.

Updating your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

If you're an undergraduate student, once you complete the programme you'll have your attendance recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Report.

Getting ready for your career and improving your CV

The cross-disciplinary aspect of the programme, and the experiences you'll get developing crucial communication and collaboration skills, will help you stand out to future employers.