UCL Global Citizenship Programme


UCL Global Citizenship Programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme brings together students from across UCL to explore the biggest global challenges.


In order to review UCL's co-curricular offer,  it has been decided to pause the GCP programme. This will help us to review, plan and develop an exciting new programme for students. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the programme. 

About the programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme offers students a choice of strands. These link to UCL's Grand Challenges themes of global health and justice and equality and foster the development of skills for global citizenship, such as campaigning and social entrepreneurship.

Students have the opportunity to develop understanding on a range of global issues and develop skills for global citizenship through: 

  • hearing from experts on global issues
  • interdisciplinary learning experiences
  • group projects
  • engaging with external organisations
  • producing outputs (such as films, posters, or business ideas)

The programme includes opportunities to volunteer with UCL's Volunteering Service Unit and to meet employers and organisations offering careers with global impact.