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Chinese Delegation

Chinese delegation team visited London during December 2017
Chinese delegation team visited London in December 2017


December 2017

The Chinese delegation team visited the UK this month. During their time at UCL, recent research progress was presented by representatives from the Institute of Agriculture Resource and Regional Planning at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IARRP-CAAS), Beijing Normal University (BNU), China Agricultural University (CAU), Peking University (PKU) and UCL. Discussions covered contents from all work packages and related research and technical issues, including sharing data, building a common dataset, joint publications and training events.

The group has also visited RAL Space and met with Dr Hugh Mortimer and Mr Andy Shaw from STFC at Harwell. A presentation of current progress was given by Prof Zhongxin Chen from CAAS. Particularly interest in the CHARMS system was raised by the UK representatives.

Chinese Delegation