UCL Department of Geography


Dr Megan Laws

Megan is a social anthropologist with a regional specialism in southern Africa. She completed her BSc Hons in Anthropology at University College London (2012), and is in the final stages of writing up her PhD in the Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her research focuses on how southern Africa’s rural populations navigate experiences of marginality and inequality. She has conducted two years of ethnographic research in Botswana and Namibia among former hunter-gatherers, looking at how perceptions of trustworthiness and conditions of transparency shape the way people go about pursuing equality and working with others.

At ExCiteS, she will be working with the Ju|’hoansi of the Nyae Nyae conservancy region to develop digital tools to assist them in their ongoing sustainable natural resource management and livelihood projects.

Her academic interests include the ideology of egalitarianism; the anthropology of personhood, value, and ethics; the informal economy and experiences of marginality; trust and transparency in citizen science projects and digital technologies; and the political economy of conservation, tourism, and social enterprise in southern Africa.