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Rebekah Horner

Research Title

Understanding the influence of reactive nitrogen in the upper troposphere on global air quality and climate

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Research Interests

Nitrogen oxides (NOx ≡ NO + NO2) are produced both via anthropogenic combustion and naturally from lightning. As a result, NOx enters the atmosphere in the region known as the troposphere, reaching 12km above the Earth’s surface. NOx is long lived here, so has a substantial impact on the oxidising capacity of the troposphere and on the formation of the greenhouse gas ozone.

It is important to understand this contribution, but routine and widespread observations of tropospheric NOx are lacking. My research focuses on developing new datasets of reactive nitrogen in the troposphere using both satellite observations from TROPOMI and OMPS and simulations from the atmospheric model GEOS-Chem. This aims to address long-standing uncertainties in our understanding of NOx in the atmosphere.

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