International Centre for Genomic Medicine in Neuromuscular Diseases


All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

Centre Principal Investigators:

Professor Padma Srivasta

Professor Padma Srivasta

Professor Rohit Bhatia

Professor Rohit Bhatia

Centre Co-Investigator and ICGNMD Faculty PI Fellow

Dr Vishnu VY

Dr Vishnu VY

AIIMS is a medical school, hospital and public medical research university based in New Delhi, India and its ICGNMD leads are based in the AIIMS Neurosciences Centre, which constitutes a major super-speciality.

Clinical neuromuscular expertise, patients and geographical region

The Neuromuscular Disease specialist clinic covers both inherited and acquired diseases and receives around 400-600 inherited NMD cases per year. AIIMS receives patients from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as well as India, who together represent significant genetic diversity.

Genetics and preclinical science expertise and facilities

In-house genetic testing is available for a range of neuromuscular conditions and is able to be supplemented by commercial testing in some cases. Diagnosis is also based upon on clinical findings, phenotyping, clinical pathology, electrophysiology and muscle biopsy.  

ICGNMD Fellows:

Dr Vishnu VY is both the AIIMS Co-Investigator and the ICGNMD faculty fellow

ICGNMD launch meeting AIIMS