International Centre for Genomic Medicine in Neuromuscular Diseases



28 March 2023

ICGNMD PI day unites team members from five continents

ICGNMD PI evening group picture 3

UCL was delighted to host the first ICGNMD PI day since 2020. The ICGNMD was immensely grateful for funding support from UKRI MRC and UCL Global Engagement, enabling us to bring together over 50 ICGNMD team members, including over 30 from India, Brazil, Turkey, Netherlands, South Africa and Zambia. This full day and evening meeting, dedicated 100% to ICGNMD matters, was a chance for all ICGNMD members to discuss progress so far, set new targets, network and discuss plans for the future beyond current funding. This meeting also provided an exceptional and crucial opportunity for all ICGNMD members to meet and network with each other, and also with the wider international neuromuscular community at the UK Neuromuscular Translational Research Conference.

ICGNMD PI evening Group Picture 1
ICGNMD PI evening Group picture 2
ICGNMD PI evening group picture 4