Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit



Gatsby Unit PhD Programme 2024
Applications to the Gatsby PhD Programme must be submitted through our online portal; applications by any other means will not be accepted. You will be asked to provide the following information:
Academic background
  1. Secondary school
  2. University degrees (with copies of transcripts, see below)
  3. Research experience
  4. Awards, prizes, scholarships or other relevant notable achievements
  5. Highlight up to three relevant advanced mathematics or mathematics-based courses that you have taken. We are particularly interested in subjects such as linear algebra, statistical theory, multivariate analysis, differential equations, or functional analysis. You may also include science or engineering courses with a large mathematical component such as classical, quantum or statistical mechanics, control theory, or signal processing.
  6. English proficiency

We will ask you to upload copies of your degree transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at this point. If you have more than one transcript for a single degree, please combine them into a single file before uploading.

Statement of research interest

This statement is to help us gauge your motivation and the depth of your thought about problems in machine learning or neuroscience.

You should identify one or more scientific questions of interest in machine learning or neuroscience and explain why you find them interesting, why you think they are important, and how they would align with research in the Gatsby Unit. We are not seeking a thesis project proposal nor do we hold anyone to areas identified in this statement if they join us. Do not use the statement to describe research experience, although you may find it helpful to highlight experience of any sort that fits with or motivates the questions you discuss. (As a guide, the text should be ~2 pages in length.)


You will be asked to enter the names and contact information of at least two (ideally three) academic referees who have agreed to comment on your ability and suitability for doctoral research. The best referees have directly supervised your research. You may also ask professors with whom you have studied, particularly if you interacted extensively enough that they can judge your potential. A director of studies or similar mentor may be able to provide a useful overview, provided that they know you well.

To give them adequate time you should submit the referee information as soon as you know who your referees will be, even if the rest of the application is still incomplete. Once you submit the referee information, an email request will be sent automatically. You will receive an email confirmation when each reference is received. References must reach us by 14 November 2023 (i.e., one day after your application deadline). It is your responsibility to follow up with your referees to ensure the references arrive on time.

Click the button below to begin your application. You won't need to complete your application all at once: you will be able to save your progress and continue later. Please check the junk/spam folder if you do not receive a verification email after registration.

Application for 2024 entry is now closed.

Please submit your application by Monday, 13 November 2023, 23:59 GMT. Only complete applications will be considered.