Experimental and Translational Medicine


Montgomery Laboratory

The Montgomery Lab also has a strong interest in human health and climate change, and co-directs the Wellcome Trust-funded Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change.

  • The use of genetic strategies (from candidate gene-environment interaction studies to those of evolutionary selection)
  • The use of 'big data' and artificial intelligence/ machine learning to address clinical management
  • Adaptation to hypoxia
  • The regulation of muscle mass and wasting, especially in the context of critical illness
  • The measurement of total circulating haemoglobin mass and plasma volume in health and disease
  • Human skeletal remodelling
  • The biology of ketones, with a special emphasis on neuroprotection
  • Nutritional approaches in critical illness
  • New approaches to treating muscle disease
  • Assessment of hydration status, and management of fluid balance in hospital settings.