Everyday Economy


Everyday Economy Research launch event

1 June 2021

UCL Everyday Economy launch event saw presentations on current participatory work, research, and methods of studying everyday life and ordinary places.

Everyday economy launch event

What makes places ‘tick’? And is there a way to measure it?

There is growing recognition of the need to review and revise how we approach the economy. This is seen in current inquiries into socio-economic inequalities in the UK, and debates about ‘levelling-up’ across the country.

The ‘everyday economy’ consists of important activities, which generate value that adheres to places. It includes place-based services and social care, and ‘foundational’ work that supports community and provides the lifeblood of local economic activity.

But the value of ordinary place-based activities is easily overlooked, and ‘edge’ experiences can become invisible in statistical measures.

This event encouraged reflection on research on the everyday economy. It focused on studies of the less-known dimensions of economic activity and the lived realities of everyday economic issues.

The panel of speakers

  • Dr Lucy Natarajan (UCL Bartlett School of Planning)
  • Dr Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite (UCL History)
  • Prof John Tomaney (UCL Bartlett School of Planning)
  • Dr Frances Holliss (London Metropolitan University)
  • Dr Maeve Blackman (Durham Miners Association & UCL Bartlett School of Planning)
  • Dr Sara Hassan (University of Birmingham)

Our speakers shared their research and methodologies for studying the everyday economy and investigating life in ordinary places followed by discussions.

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Everyday Economy Event Introduction

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Oral History Interview

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Understanding Sacriston

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Working from Home

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Connecting to Communities

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Research with Communities

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Researching the Future