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Understanding 'left-behind' Places: Developing a Deep Place Study

This pilot project will develop an interdisciplinary, multi-annual, large-scale programme of ‘deep-place’ research/action to obtain a rich, historically-grounded understanding of the long-term trajectory of a particular left-behind town or village.

Rebuilding social infrastructure

(Re)building Social Infrastructure in Left-behind Places

The project proposes developing a novel approach to assessing the infrastructure needs of left-behind communities.

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Partners in Understanding the Everyday Economy

The project aims to translate the agenda surrounding the ‘everyday economy’ from high-level policy into an operationalisable framework, centring on the importance of the ‘everyday’ economy and the value of co-production for associated development policies.

Civil Society Perspectives

Civil Society Perspectives on Inequality: Focus Group Research

This research responds to the first report from the UK2070 Commission, which is currently investigating spatial inequality and proposes an agenda for strategy long-term action. 

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Ordinary Places Profiles

Through this project, UCL will conduct research on participatory place-based land policy and will develop a series of place-based profiles on policy-making challenges and opportunities in disadvantaged places.

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